Creative thinking drives every step of our Consumer Insights process: designing projects, using the most innovative tools, and presenting the findings in ways that will make those insights work harder within your organization.

We specialize in face-to-face consumer connection, empowering people to share their thoughts and feelings on a deeper level.


Leveraging our personal lifelong experiences across most major industries and the complex Latino segment dimensions, we empower Latinos to bring to life below-the-surface drivers, even about the most sensitive topics.


Engage consumers online with innovative tools to explore stories, brand context, and product relationships to provide your team with the answers you need to hone your consumer-centered marketing approach.

Meaningful insights can provide the answers to positively impact consumer behavior. We aim to unlock impactful insights to help find your company’s winning strategies.

With that in mind, we start with solid objectives, design the study with the methods and tools that will get the most breadth and depth in understanding, and top it off by presenting meaningful insights that lead to action.


Group Discussions (from individual interviews to maxi groups), Immersions, Shop-Alongs, Ethnography, Phone interviews


Bulletin Boards, Video Diaries, Mobile Ethnography, Community Management, Online Discussions (from individual to small groups), Chat groups


Incorporates two or more methods

Focus Areas:

Target Exploratory, Cultural Strategy, Category and Brand Understanding, Brand Personification, Competitive Landscape, Emotional Drivers, Brand Equity and Positioning, Insight Mining and Development, New Product development, Communication Touch Points (from concepts to finished creative), Trend Identification

We will get your team to be more effective in applying consumer insights, encourage them to look at challenges from new perspectives, and inspire them to come up with multiple solutions for strategic structural change such as process improvement, product revisions, innovation, and new product development.

Want to fill your pipeline with ideas grounded in insights?
We custom design workshops, allowing teams to think outside the box in order to come up with useful ideas to move forward into concepts.

Idea Refinement:

Want to apply insights to refine existing solutions?
Trained facilitators lead your team through a creative process geared toward making good ideas great, by applying proven tools.


Want to take your insights farther for strategic planning?
We bridge the gap between consumers and brands, empowering your team to use insights in new ways to get the most from your consumer learning.

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