Your brand success drives our approach.


Meaningful insights

We go beyond understanding the “why” behind behavior. Our tools with a solid backing in Psychology and creative thinking models, uncover below-the-surface insights and give respondents the language to bring ideas to life, facilitating strategic recommendations to grow brands.


Excellence from design to analysis.

Strategic research grounded in cultural understanding, combining the latest qualitative research methodologies, deep analysis, and a proven team hand picked for every project.


Award winning leadership.

You can expect to receive award-winning service with every project. Marta Villanueva, the founder of NuThinking, Inc. received the 2015 Qualitative Research Consultants Maryanne Pflug Spirit Award based on her friendliness, creativity, commitment to QRCA, leadership, optimism, humor, mentorship, passion for life and unconditional positive regard for all. QRCA ( promotes excellence in all aspects of qualitative research with access to nearly 1,000 researchers all over the world.


Results oriented methods.

Empower clients to get more from consumers insights through applied creative problem solving workshops, leveraging the findings in ways to make the insights drive a difference in your organization.

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